What children can learn from this program

The core of Tang Soo Do training is respect and discipline. In Tang Soo Do children learn respect for authority figures, including parents and teachers, as well as respect for themselves and others. Students are expected to conform to the rules of the class during training. The promotion system encourages children to practice and continue training. This disciplined habit of not giving up can eventually be seen in other aspects of a child’s life such as improved school work and the ability to cope better with the demands of everyday life.
Tang Soo Do encourages courtesy, patience, loyalty, and self-control. 


The popular and dynamic Tiny Tigers & little Dragons program at Rocket City TSD, LLC is designed for children 4 to 6 years old. This 30-minute class meets twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) and uses fun drills and games to develop listening skills, concentration, coordination, and a positive character. The class will introduce the fundamentals of Tang Soo Do, a traditional Korean Martial Art. Upon graduation from this program, students will become eligible to enroll in our beginners one-hour classes. 


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