Ki Gong is often translated as energy (Ki) work (Gong). Ki simultaneously conveys breath, energy, and matter. The origins of Ki Gong date back to pre-history. An innumerable number of different martial, spiritual, and medical Ki Gong sets have been developed over the centuries, most for the purpose of improving health and vitality. The physical movements of many of these sets are often similar. 

Ki Gong is not a part of the regular WTSDA curriculum. However, many of the WTSDA members practice Ki Gong on a regular basis.

Practicing Ki Gong should help you live life with greater calmness, enjoyment, and inner and outer peacefulness. Ki Gong is the study of universal energy and how we humans strive for healing, balance, and relieving stress.

​When you join our classes, we encourage you to open your mind and enjoy learning and practicing Ki Gong. The Rocket City TSD Ki Gong classes invite everyone in the family to join. However, we do recommend it for adults and mature children, as some younger ones may lose interest.

​You are not required to be a member of the WTSDA to attend our classes. No uniform is needed. Comfortable clothing is all that is required to practice Ki Gong. Classes offered in the studio and via Zoom for the same price. When attending classes in person, please wear a Rocket City TSD t-shirt (or a Ki Gong t-shirt that can be purchased from the World Ki Gong website) and loose black pants.

​Ki Gong practice will be conducted in an informal environment devoid of formal martial arts practices, such as calling for attention and recognition of rank. We recognize that states of health may differ significantly among participants. Students are encouraged to modify techniques, sit, and even stop practice as they feel the need. Resting areas will be provided in the studio.

It is not required to become a member of the World Ki Gong to attend our classes. The World Ki Gong is dedicated to the development of Ki Gong for the benefit of all people. World Ki Gong shares a belief that our world needs and desires Ki Gong practice and that regular practice will create a healthier and more vibrant society. For more information go the World Ki Gong website.

The class schedule is as follows: every Friday (4 classes per month) from 5:30 to 6:30 PM at SE Huntsville location only. For those who can't attend in person for any reason, a Zoom link will be provided. We encourage everyone to attend the class while learning basics. Please contact us for monthly fees.

Every week you will receive additional information related to the study and learning of Ki Gong, class schedule, etc.

​We look forward to seeing you there!

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