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WTSDA Guidelines

Classroom Cleanliness

In order to maintain our school during these difficult times, as well as adhering to COVID-19 guidelines and regulations, we ask that every parent entering Dojang wear a face covering in the waiting area. The face covering specifically needs to cover the nostrils and mouth at all times when dropping off and picking up students. We will ask everyone to stay off the main floor for 10 minutes so our staff can disinfect the floor and door handles.
All equipment used during class will be wiped down after each class with the provided approved cleaner. 
All staff must wear gloves when cleaning.
The floors and bathrooms will be disinfected after each class. 
Staff MUST wash hands after cleaning and in between each class.
Entrance and exit door handles will be cleaned after each class.

Check-In Process
There will be a greeter outside the front door with a non-contact temperature gun to check each student’s temperature. 
Parents are required to wear a face covering during drop-off. 
Students with temperatures of 100°F (37.8°C) or higher will not be permitted to train and will be asked to return to their homes. 
Every person entering the Dojang will be asked the following questions:
Are you feeling well today? Have you had a temperature within the last 48 hours? Have you exhibited any symptoms related to or tested positive for COVID-19?
Have you been in close contact with someone who has exhibited any symptoms related to or tested positive for COVID-19?
Answers to questions two through four must be “NO” in order to permit the person to train. Answer to question one must be “YES” to permit the person to train. Any answer(s) inconsistent with these guidelines will result in kindly asking the person to go home, not to enter the Dojang, and to stay in touch so that their health may be monitored. 

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Protocol
Students will come fully dressed in their uniform.
Students are required to use provided hand sanitizer before coming onto the mat.
Physical contact is not allowed. No sparring, partner one-steps, nor partner self-defense.
Parents will wait outside of the Dojang and not crowd near the entrance. No more than 5 parents will be allowed in the waiting area.
There will be hand sanitizer available for use prior to entering/exiting the building.

Classroom Layout
Students will be spaced 6 feet apart. There will be markings on the mats for spacing.
There will be no direct contact between students or instructors.
There will be no partner drills. There will be no target drills.
Instructors will be wearing masks or face shields.

Additional Information
Anyone exhibiting symptoms or is ill will be sent home immediately and will not be allowed on the premises for a minimum of 14 days.
Parent/student shall notify the Dojang immediately if tested positive for COVID-19.